Welcome to LaserLowdown.com…

Welcome to LaserLowdown.com


Welcome to the new home of Laser Lowdown, the All Things Laser podcast hosted by yours truly, Louie Alvarez.

After searching throughout the Internet many a time, I simply couldn’t locate a single quality source of in-depth laser equipment information. Forums are the closest I came to but those are more of a hodgepodge of Q&A from many, many people, some knowledgeable, most not so much.

The opposite is what I envision this site to be. Here you’ll find a hub of much information, on All Things Laser! that you will find relevant in your daily use of your laser system, to expand your knowledge of your laser’s capabilities or to educate yourself on a laser because your shopping. So if your looking to expand what you can do with your laser machine then this is the place to be. So to all laser owners, operators and shoppers I encourage and recommend you visit often.

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