Episode 1: Introduction

Episode 1: Show Introduction

Welcome to Laser Lowdown, the All Things Laser podcast,
with your host Louie Alvarez.

Laser Lowdown, the All Things Laser podcast

Laser Lowdown, the All Things Laser podcast

Woohoo, finally completed the Premier Episode, of the first, one and only “Laser Lowdown, the All Things Laser” podcast last night!

Wow, there so much work involved to produce a podcast. I see though that after a few initial episodes this will get easier, but the first production took quite a lot of time. The dilemma is that I hadn’t hosted a talk show in over 9 years so was very rusty. Plus I had to learn new software for recording and editing since now not only am I the host but also the producer. Fortunately I learn software rather quickly so that part of the equation wasn’t so difficult, now I’m not saying I am an expert (yet) but at least I am now competent enough to produce this show. You can be the judge of this by listening to the premier episode, located at the end of this posting.

The labor intensive portion of creating podcasts I find is the editing, that alone can take hours upon hours. My first podcast is only 10 minute, 30 seconds long, yet it took me a day and a half because I kept changing, adding, deleting and manipulating the content. Even brought my 9 year old daughter Nessa in to do the intro and outro. That alone took well over 50 takes. 🙂

All in all though it was fun (my daughter and I had a blast), I learned a lot, taught my daughter quite a bit, fairly mastered the tools in the software, created somewhat of an outline and a procedure so each podcast can only get easier and faster. According to the experts that be, I should record at least 4 or 5 episodes to get competent and comfortable in the process then release, announce and publish my work.

I think I will do that and begin marketing the podcasts to iTunes, the industry, online, etc. after 4 or 5 episodes. In the meantime, you the visitors to www.LaserLowdown.com can enjoy the fruits of my labor today!

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