Laser Lowdown Introduction

LaserLowdown The Laser Lowdown, the “All Things Laser” podcast, with your host Louie Alvarez. Covering all aspects of the laser industry. Continue reading

Episode 12: Growth Thru Organizations

LaserLowdownThis shows topic has Louie addressing a very often asked subject by many laser businesses. “How to grow a business beyond the core, bread and butter projects and customer base?” Listen in while Louie outlines his strategy from his laser days to build a steady, consistent client base from local organizations. Continue reading

Episode 11: Pricing Guideline

LaserLowdown Listen in as Louie takes his years of Laser industry experience, working with customers nationwide and having his own laser business discuss what sort of issues must be taken into consideration when setting a pricing structure. Continue reading

Episode 10: Laser Safety

LaserLowdown Tune in as Louie explains laser safety, when a fire happens, what causes it, how to prevent it, what to do if it happens to you. Continue reading

Episode 9: Laser Markets

LaserLowdown Listen in as Louie explains the bread and butter mentality prior to expanding into new markets and new product lines. Continue reading