Laser Lowdown Introduction

Laser Lowdown, the “All Things Laser” podcast

Welcome to Laser Lowdown, the All Things Laser podcast, (distributed multimedia files over the internet for playback on a mobile device or a personal computer)

with your host Louie Alvarez. Turn up your volume and enjoy!

Laser Lowdown, the All Things Laser podcast

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Laser Lowdown, the All Things Laser podcast, hosted by Louie Alvarez continues the “online radio show” that bestows much laser related valuable information via verbal discussion.

Topics are scheduled to include Laser Engraving-Cutting-Marking-Etching systems, tips and tricks, shortcuts and how to tutorials, add-ons, accessories, materials, software and the Internet. Essentially anything that the laser owner, operator, buyer, dealer, distributor and manufacturers will find of interest and useful will be broadcast here. The Laser Lowdown will be produced on a regular basis as time permits.

iTunes Preview

Future show topics …

  • Build your laser business: Topics will include expanding into new markets, targeting new industries, releasing new products, marketing methods, promotion ideas, etc.
  • Tips & tricks, shortcuts and tutorials: Learn how to efficiently utilize the tools you have, how to step by step, minimize procedure with shortcuts, tips & tricks to easily use software and hardware, tutorials on useful methods.
  • Laser Systems: Discussion of the various systems on the market: Engraving, Cutting, Marking, Etching. Small to large format.
  • Add-ons: Full color laser engraving, Deep Stone Carving, metal marking solutions
  • Accessories: Rotary attachments, table mats, cutting tables
  • Tutorials: How to… tutorials, accompanied with videos.
  • Materials: Discussion of the many materials on the market that are used on laser systems and some you may not know of
  • Software also will be covered since our lasers are no more than huge doorstops without it: CorelDRAW, PhotoGrav, Photoshop
  • Applications: MS Outlook, MS Excel, MS Word, Quickbooks any that our industry uses or could find useful.
  • Internet due to the vast yet overwhelming source of information available: Forums, Sources, Support,
  • Industry in general: Trade shows, such as ARA, A&E and others, Magazines, Leaders, Publications, Books
  • People of the industry, I look forward to interviewing some of the movers and shakers of the industry, the long time, well known members of our industry.

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  1. Louie Alvarez
    Feb 18, 2012

    Outstanding, I’m looking forward to many podcasts of quality and usefulness. This review submission should give the listening audience quick access to the subscription page on Apples iTunes webpage.

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