Episode 15: Losing power at table?

Episode 15: Losing power at materials?

Welcome to Laser Lowdown, the All Things Laser podcast,

with your host Louie Alvarez.

Laser Lowdown, the All Things Laser podcast

Laser Lowdown, the All Things Laser podcast

A rule of thumb to keep in mind. When power is being lost at materials there are 4 areas that could cause this:

  1. Dirty optics … Check & clean all mirrors (3x) as well as the lens (1x). Also have a look-see at the lens at the end of the laser tube, might be dirty as well. Use a long Q-tip to clean and dry this lens.
  2. Beam Alignment … If beam alignment is even slightly off, the further down the mirror system the more the offset becomes. Check beam alignment and adjust as necessary. Pay close attention to mirror #3 to ensure not clipping inside of tube above lens or at nozzle output.
  3. Focal Distance … The 2.5” lens has a focal dot size of .007” so even if off 10-20 thousands of an inch can cause a significant loss of power at material. Check focal distance to get as close to accurate as possible.
  4. Laser Tube … Laser tube is nearing its end of life span. If all else is correct then it could be the laser tube. A quick check would be to increase the Current Regulator (gray knob) to see if increasing the electrical current will revive laser tube.

CheckMate Lasers has beam alignment & focal distance tutorials available to its customer base. Simply contact us at Support@CheckMateLasers.com and we will provide you access to these tutorials.

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  1. Rico
    Nov 1, 2013

    First of all thanks Louie this podcast was very helpful, we were getting very bad images on our black granite images. Due to the fact that our focal point was off by at least a 1/4 of an inch…we went though the process of checking off everything on your list…and we found the problem…once more thank you…

    • Louie Alvarez
      Nov 1, 2013

      Not a problem Rico. I’m here to help in any way I can. Any other issues let me know and we’ll work through them. Glad my tutorials and podcasts were helpful.

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