Episode 17: Laser Focal Lens Explained

LaserLowdown Listen in as Louie explains the 4 common focal length lens available and the large vs. small pros and cons and why the laser industry has standardized on the 2″ and 2.5″ lens’ Continue reading

Episode 16: Speed and Power

LaserLowdown Listen in on Louie as he discusses how and why it is imperative that YOU test ALL materials on YOUR laser machine to determine what settings you like best, because taste is subjective. Continue reading

Episode 15: Losing power at table?

LaserLowdown Listen in as Louie discusses what are the causes and solutions for when your laser system is losing power at your material. Continue reading

Episode 14: Laser Table Choices

LaserLowdown Listen in as Louie discuss what table choices are available for laser engraving and cutting machines. Continue reading

Episode 13: The Three R’s of Laser Tubes

LaserLowdown Listen in as Louie address’ the unknown, unexpected, unplanned and unbudgeted (is that a word?) factor of laser tubes. Learn the difference between the well know metal tubes vs. the newer more affordable glass laser tubes. The three R’s of laser tubes that MUST be taken into consideration are: Recharge, Repair, Replace Continue reading