Laser Markets


by Louie Alvarez

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Per the request of so many laser system prospects, I’ve produced this outline to suggest various markets that would be ideal to target with a business expansion or startup when purchasing or adding a laser system to an established or new business venture. This brief outline is simply a guide to consider in your decision of what to do with your laser system upon purchase.

Following is a list of the various markets to target as they regularly purchase laser engraved &/or cut products. Of course this is not an all inclusive list. Since a laser system is the most versatile piece of equipment available on the market bar none and able to engrave on so many materials and cut many of them as well your choices are nearly unlimited.

  1. 1. Memorials are huge business for black marble and black granite
    1. Cemeteries, Funeral Homes, Mausoleums
      1. Pet memorials
      2. People memorials
      3. Urns
      4. Memorial wooden plaques go over well for mourners to take home
  2. City, County, State Government
    1. Donor recognition: bricks, plaques, name plates
    2. Door signs, name badges
  3. Typical awards for everyday businesses to motivate and recognize employees
    1. Employee Recognition
    2. Perpetual plaque, monthly awards
    3. Name badges & Name plates
  4. Wedding industry is always looking for these type of commemorative items
    1. Stemware
    2. Champagne/Wine bottles
    3. Bride & Groom photos
  5. Photography industry is wide open for photos on various materials
    1. Newborn
    2. Children
    3. Anniversary
    4. Newlywed
  6. Sign Industry purchases these items often and typically purchase locally
    1. Letters
    2. ADA Braille
    3. Door signs
    4. Name badges
  7. Photos on black marble in high traffic areas can command high dollar
    1. Shopping Mall
    2. Swap meet
    3. Street fair
    4. Trade show floor
    5. Holiday season, such as, Xmas
  8. Real Estate has a high turnover so their always ordering the following type of products
    1. Car door signs
    2. Name badges
    3. Door signs
  9. Automotive has a high turnover as well so their always ordering the following type of products
    1. Car door signs
    2. Name badges
    3. Door signs
  10. Vector cutting card stock is a unique and profitable business as well
    1. Inlays made out of various colored matte board, great for sports memorabilia
    2. Stencils for air brush kits
    3. Scrapbook designs. This is a huge industry for women as they are always competing
  11. Industrial markets
    1. Metal etching and marking is always a need within industrial applications
    2. Prototype testing. Ideally using the laser with acrylic to create prototypes is big
    3. Bar codes, labels, tags, are a regular requirement for the industry
  12. Construction Industry
    1. Remodeling & Customization
      1. Cabinet doors
      2. Glass doors
      3. Room trim
      4. Countertops
    2. Atomic Art process opens the doors for full color laser engraving in stone, glass & ceramics
      1. New home construction projects
      2. Remodeling construction projects
      3. Customizing construction projects

Once again these are not an all inclusive list of markets or products. “Your creativity is truly your only limitation!”

Now what laser system of the many offer in the marketplace should be considered? Putting into consideration all the various materials and markets I suggest the minimum wattage to be 40 watts. If budget allows 130 watts is optimum for power and speed while 60 is the mid-ground sweat spot. The higher the wattage, the better to tackle all the materials, markets and products quickly, easily and efficiently. As far engraveable area (table size) I would opt for a table size of 4ft x 3ft., which allows for all the larger and of course more profitable projects.

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